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Have an Efficient Commercial Move with Our Tagging and Marking Program

One of the most underrated aspects of planning a successful commercial move is having a competent tagging and marking program. Tagging and marking is the process of identifying where each item in the move will be placed at your new location and coding it accordingly.

Our specialized tagging and marking service starts with an analysis of your floor plans at destination to come up with a numbering and color coding system. Our project management specialists will assign colors for various floors or departments and then individual numbers to staff members in those areas. All items moving to a new location should be identified by a removable tag with the appropriate colored and/or numbered code.

To take it one step further, our project management team will make an enlarged copy or diagram of each work area (private office, conference room, etc..) to determine a layout for all the pieces going in that area. Each piece will have its assigned number written in so that the Liberty team member knows exactly where to place the item at your new office. For example, if you want your desk against the south wall of your office, it will be indicated on the layout diagram hanging outside your office during the move. This allows the mover handling a piece to place it correctly in your space and avoid double handling.

Do It Yourself Tagging and Marking

While many companies will use Liberty for tagging and marking, others may choose to do this function themselves. Your Liberty account representative will gladly meet with your move coordination team to instruct them on the proper method of tagging and marking your own goods and destination facility.

In general, every item to be moved must be tagged with an employee number and piece number. Be sure to tag all items in your work area. Desks, file cabinets, chairs, boxes, garbage cans, floor mats, etc. If you have a desk that has several pieces to it, then each piece would need to be tagged with the employee number.

The best places to affix tags are as follows:

  • Desks – On top of desk
  • File Cabinets – Upper right hand corner
  • Boxes – Both sides of box in “Place Label Here” area
  • Computers – On top of each piece
  • Bookcases – Inside upper right corner, and each shelf
  • Chairs – Back of chair

All items that will not be moved should have a “Do Not Move” tag or paper affixed in a visible location.

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