Moving: Office Moving Tips

How Much Do You Tip Movers?

Do You Tip Movers? Moving, whether it be local, interstate, or international, is a huge decision for anyone. When it comes to hiring a professional moving company, it’s important to have faith and trust in the company that you are hiring. Most customers expect high quality service, as they should, when paying for a moving…Read More about How Much Do You Tip Movers?

Shipping Electronics

In today’s world of increasing technology, shipping electronics is a common need for both individuals and businesses. This may include shipping servers, computers, copiers, printers and other computer equipment, for office moving or residential moving. Maybe you just need to ship one or two pieces of electronics, which you may be able to transport yourself…Read More about Shipping Electronics

Office Moving: What to Consider

Moving your company can at first seem daunting, but with a solid plan and the right moving company you can make a smooth transition to your company’s new home. Office moving begins and ends with organization. Treat the move like you would any company project and place a responsible staff member in charge. This employee…Read More about Office Moving: What to Consider