9 Signs You’re Officially a New York Resident

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as a New York resident, you are one of 8,537,673 people. Whether you are one of the several hundred thousand people coming and going every year or whether you have lived in New York for a lifetime you are a New Yorker.

A New York resident has specific characteristics that make them stand out from the crowds. If you are a New Yorker, you can’t be confused with tourists or visitors. There’s something about life in the Big Apple that makes you unique.

Here are nine signs that you are a New Yorker.

Living in a Box

New York may seem to be vast but relative to its population it’s small. With so many people crammed into New York, the building solution has been to go up into the sky. Every scrap of real estate is turned to use.

As a result, you probably live in a small space. You can reach your bathroom from your bed in a couple of strides. You have multipurpose rooms so living space may also be sleeping space and may even be cooking space too.

You have an innovative approach to home decor. Storage solutions are super creative, and you know how to declutter. Your apartment defies scientific logic in that the internal space seems bigger than the external space.

You can prepare dinner for four on a counter the size of a postage stamp. You serve it to your guests sat variously on a couch, cushions and the floor.

You Don’t Drive

Perhaps you never learned to drive. If you did learn to drive, you have forgotten how to do it now. You ask people “How is owning a car a good idea in New York?”

So you walk and use public transport or a cab. This means you have become hypersensitive to sidewalk etiquette. More than two people walking side by side on the sidewalk is just not right.

You have developed a half walking, half running technique for negotiating crowds and dodging confused tourists. You always get to your destination much earlier than Google says you can walk it.

Coffee Culture

No New Yorker resident can resist a cup of coffee. Street vendors distract you on your way to work or class. At other times you have your favorite cup of joe to go to.

You are open to trying the latest new venture in the independent artisan coffee world. It matters to you where the beans came from and how the coffee is made.

Pizza Life

You treat having a pizza delivered to your 5th-floor apartment as common sense rather than amazing. You know just where to get the “best” pizza. You’ll argue your pizza preference beats all comers.

Citi Bikes

You either love or hate Citi Bikes. There’s no middle ground.

Of course, they are good for the environment, but if you love them, it’s because they have a handy basket up front. If you hate them, it’s because they take up even more space in this crowded city. The racks take up three parking spaces!

Subway Savvy

You have subway savvy developed by long hard-won experience. This is a body of knowledge that allows you to make the best use of your primary form of transport. This knowledge includes the following.

You don’t take the High Line to admire the view, but you do use it to avoid the traffic. You never use an empty subway car because – you just know better!

You have a sixth sense that allows you to find the subway exit nearest your destination. You have a technique for swiping your MetroCard on the first attempt and look down on anybody who has to swipe two or more times.

You never get off the subway at Times Square because it’s a tourist hotspot. Stay on the subway until you are at least a block away.

Cab Cunning

Visitors can regularly be seen trying to hail cabs with no light on. A New York resident knows where to stand (just off the sidewalk), how to hail and knows not to hail a cab with the “off duty” light on. You know never even to try hailing a cab between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

It’s All About Comfort

Shoes have to be comfortable and durable. You walk miles in all weather conditions. Heels and style are all very good in their place, but that isn’t on the street in New York.

You’ve decided that all food tastes best when consumed while wearing sweatpants. You’ve taken comfort eating to the level of an art form.

You have cold weather comfort nailed with layering as your most effective strategy. Hats and scarves are not just for fun but function. Warm weather comfort is achieved by selecting almost weightless clothing.

You Know About Value

You know the “Pay what you wish” days at the galleries and museums. You may appreciate a particular gallery, but you’re happy to have tourists finance it.

You have a favorite brunch location that combines value and quality. Your knowledge of authentic and cheap ethnic food outlets is impressive. You know that the premium-priced coffee you’re sipping is worth every cent.

Business as Usual

Visitors to New York are excited when they chance across a movie filming in the street. They hope to get a glance of Spiderman or a Hollywood star. For you, this is just another hitch on your journey from A to B.

You’re a New York Resident

The New York skyline is on countless posters, advertisements and is undeniably iconic. Many non-New Yorkers can pick out landmarks and key buildings. To some, it stands for glamour, excitement or success.

You know you are a New York resident when what it means to you is, you’re home.

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