5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a great time for checking items off your to-do-list and get the entire family involved. Usually this involves the often dreaded task of spring cleaning. It can be a real struggle to decide what to do with unused and neglected items around your home.












It can be overwhelming to just stare into a room of items and decide what to do with them. So where do you begin? The foundation of good organization always begins and ends with a list, so start there. Go through each room and storage space in your home and then make a list of the items which you are considering getting rid of. Afterwards, go through the list and decide what to do with each item. The most common options are Dispose, Donate, Re-Use, Sell, and Storage. Here is a breakdown to help you make a decision:



Do you have items which are unusable and beyond repair? Then you shouldn’t have them taking up valuable space in your home. These items should either go in the trash or be recycled. Make sure you follow local recycling laws, especially if disposing of electronics. For information on how to properly dispose of electronics, read our blog post on E-Waste here.



Can someone else use this item? Think about giving it to a friend/family member or donating it to a local charity. You can feel good about giving a donation while reducing clutter in your own home. Check out to find charities located near you.



Do you consider this item easily repaired/refurbished? Have you just forget you owned it? See if it can be re-purposed. You can even try getting creative and use these items for a DIY or crafting project to add a personal touch to your home. Search Pinterest and DIY sites for some inspiration.



Could you use some extra cash? If you have enough items, host a garage sale with your neighbors or get involved at a local market or swap meet. Want an easier option, sell online. Try Craigslist or Ebay.



Have a family heirloom that you can’t bear to part with, but doesn’t fit in your current home? Store it. First look at reviews online for NYC moving and storage companies. Determine which companies have the best reputation and also serve your storage needs. Some storage companies have self-storage where you can access your items at any time, others have long term solutions where you can eventually have the item moved into a new home. Select whichever storage option is most convenient for you.


The weekend will be here soon, so start checking off those to-do items from your list and you can spend the summer in a clutter free home.