10 Best Children’s Museums on Long Island

Museums in America receive around 850 million visits each year. They are not only entertaining but also educational for people of all ages. Approximately 55 million of those visits come from school groups. But your child doesn’t have to wait for a class trip to find an entertaining and educational museum to visit.

If you’re new to the Long Island area, you might be overwhelmed by the over 100 museums you can visit here. You’re probably wondering which museums are best for your children.

We’ve got you covered, not only can our award-winning service help make your move to Long Island easier, but we can give you some hometown advice.

Here is a list of the ten best children’s museums on Long Island.

1. Old Bethpage Village Restoration

This museum offers you and your children a living history experience through the re-creation of a typical 19th century Long Island Village.

The museum consists of 36 different buildings on 209 acres of land representing the historical period from 1660 to 1875. Staff wearing 19th-century costumes interact with visitors and display authentic period activities such as weaving and hat-making. All this will ensure you and your children get a firsthand look at what life on Long Island was like in the 19th century.

2. The Long Island Children’s Museum

If you’re talking about which children’s museums on Long Island to visit, The Long Island Children’s Museum always makes the list.

The museum offers your children the chance to explore, play, and create with 14 interactive exhibits. You and your children can make giant bubbles, view live animal habitats or visit the community gallery to see the artwork of local schoolchildren. And if those exhibits don’t keep the kids entertained, there is also live theater, art spaces, and a variety of daily activities for both you and your children to engage in.

3. Garvies Point Museum and Preserve

As a natural history museum, Garvies offers your children educational activities relating to the natural history of Long Island.

The museum allows children to see original archaeological artifacts and geological specimens while learning about Long Island’s outdoor environment. Also, the museum offers a variety of educational and cultural seminars which will allow you and your children to learn about the local Native American culture.

4. Cradle of Aviation Museum

You and your child’s imaginations will soar as you learn about aviation history from the beginning of flight through the space age.

This museum has eight galleries with over 75 air and spacecraft to explore. The museum also offers access to a planetarium and dome movie theater.

And while you’re there, you can visit Nunley’s vintage carousel and take a ride on the beautifully restored historic carousel.

5. Maritime Explorium

If you’re visiting children’s museums on Long Island, you’ll want to make sure you learn about the region’s rich maritime history. The Explorium will inform and entertain you and your children with the museum’s interactive exhibits.

This is a hands-on experience for you and your children with lots of fun activities to engage in. Activities are constantly changing and range from building a water filtration system to creating a Leprechaun trap. Your children can also test their skills as they pilot a virtual ship around Port Jefferson Harbor while learning about the history of the harbor.

6. Heckscher Museum of Art

This museum offers the opportunity not just to see art, but also to create it. The museum’s art collection of over 2,500 pieces of art focuses on Western art with an emphasis on 19th and 20th-century art.

Visitors can create digital art and take selfie photos using props and backdrops inspired by the exhibits. There is also the opportunity for you and your children to create your own drawings and paintings.

7. Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium

Set on the historic estate of William K. Vanderbilt II, the museum contains exhibits on natural history, maritime history, and a planetarium. While you’re there, be sure to visit the historic mansion and explore the life of the Vanderbilt family from the Jazz Age through the Second World War.

During the summer there are also outdoor concerts and theatrical performances.

8. Railroad Museum of Long Island

This museum is a great find for those searching for children’s museums on Long Island to learn about the history of railroads in the area,

You and your children can take a ride through history by climbing aboard historic trains and seeing what train travel was like in the past.

No visit would be complete without a ride on the Long Island Rail Road miniature park train.

9. Children’s Museum of the East End

Designed for children of all ages this museum offers activities for infants, toddlers, and older children. Hands-on exhibits encourage your children to engage in activities that help them learn. Indoor and outdoor play areas give your children a place to move and interact. There is also an art room to let your children make their own creations.

Theatrical performances and mini-golf let you and your children get outside during warmer weather, making this one of the children’s museums on Long Island that you won’t want to miss.

10. Nassau County Museum of Art

While this museum may appear to be like any other art museum, it offers programs specifically for you and your children.

After a tour of the galleries for inspiration, you can attend hands-on programs to create your own art. The programs range from drawing and painting to building art out of various materials. The museum grounds have seven nature trails which will allow you to take your children for a hike and explore the surrounding nature.

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